Sitting in your cubicle listening to Jo Schmo coughing up a storm while Nancy blows her nose at 5 mph and you can hear the snot bubbling thinking, ‘looks like I’m gonna be bringing in my Puffs with Lotion next week.’ Yup, sooner than later it’s going to be that time of year folks. Runny noses and fatigued days will plague offices and schools across the states and you’re doomed. But what if you weren’t? What if that stuff that our ancestors used to ward off demons was the answer to this too? Oh and maybe some sweet help from our black and yellow friends. That’s right, good old garlic and raw honey are the answer to your fears. Forget the Tylenol Cold, mince a clove of garlic one-three times a day instead. “Why the ef would I eat a clove of raw garlic?” Because garlic is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic…do I need to go on with the anti’s or do you get the point here? One clove of garlic is actually equivalent to 100 units of penicillin and has been proven more effective. Not to mention it contains a compound called allicin, which prevents disease. Just in case you’re wondering- no, garlic will not also kill the beneficial bacteria in your body because the bad guys and the good guys run on two different electrical frequencies (yes folks, we are electrical beings), so the garlic will only burn bridges with the ones trying to burn your lit Friday night plans, AKA pathogens.

“What about honey?” you ask. Honey is not just to soothe your throat, it’s highly medicinal, some call it liquid gold. When it comes to preventing that cold, think of raw honey as the SNL episodes that made this past election bearable- it will save you. It strengthens your body’s first line of defense so your white blood cells can kick Nancy’s snot rockets to the curb. & don’t give me this “but its so high in sugar.” Honey in the raw comes from bees that collect from a variety of plants near and far. That means there’s over 200,000 pathogen killers, radiation protectors, and anti-cancerous compounds in that honey that you’re so afraid to eat. For those of you trying to kill it on tomorrow’s presentation, raw honey does wonders for your brain’s glucose-loving self, as it’s sugar is highly absorbable and it contains plenty of B12, that vitamin that’s been all the rage lately for boosting energy levels. Fun fact: if your grandma left her raw honey jar buried in the yard for the neighbor’s devilish kiddos to find, they could still eat it without hurling on her precious petunias. The stuff NEVER spoils. So go ahead and fill your spoon with some raw honey and sprinkle the garlic on top and wahlah, the perfect anti-cold miracle. It sounds nasty, I get it, but I promise it’s worth it…just imagine you’re eating an Inn & Out burger and call it a day.

Peace out colds, hellllloooo garlic & honey #beebrave #eatthefood

*Each garlic clove is the perfect medicinal package for optimal health. Treat it as just the right dose and aim for one clove (no matter what the size) a day to maintain your health outside of the cold season.

*Whenever possible always seek organic garlic and RAW honey to reap the benefits :

PRO TIP: Leave the already minced garlic on the cutting board exposed to air for 15 minutes or so before indulging. It activates some of the garlic’s enzymes 🙂

PRO TIP: Have another small spoonful of honey afterward to get rid of the taste and smell because let’s be real, you can never have too much honey