Helpful Resources

Below you’ll find some of our favorite books, videos, and agencies for body acceptance and positivity; check ’em out! 


If you’re not so tech-savvy and have decided you’d rather print out our new client paperwork than fill it out online, ask your clinician for the password and click the link below!

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Helpful Agencies & Organizations

The Radical Well Being Center’s Radical Nutrition Page (aka an AMAZING HAES Material Page) in Ferndale, Michigan

The Eating Disorder Foundation of Denver

The Body Image Movement that’s spreading worldwide

The Association of Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) for more information on Health at Every Size (HAES) and body diversity

Get information about local support groups through Eating Disorder Anonymous

Find more educational and support-based resources through the National Eating Disorders Association

Find more resources on eating disorders occuring in all body types on National Eating Disorders Association- Diversity Page

For HAES/intuitive eating centered acute eating disorder treatment (Lexie’s philosophy): Opal

Find out more information about receiving quality treatment for an eating disorder with a low income through Project HEAL

Click here for more acute eating disorder treatment in Denver: EDCare & Eating Recovery Center