Virtual Therapy
& Coaching

Do you Live Outside of Michigan or Perhaps too far of a Drive from my Office?

Almost all of the services we provide* can be done so virtually thanks to today’s technology! The perks of sitting in your living room or plopping on your bed can be enormous for some folks. All too often certain specialists are not located in our area, or we don’t feel like we emotionally connect with the ones that are, that’s where teletherapy and coaching come into play. We will find a time that works for both of us and connect through a safe & secure platform that is HIPAA compliant. You get to pick a place that feels comfortable for you, without driving miles, and I will be on the other end with my undivided attention. 

*Adolescent Eating Disorder Treament, by way of Family-Based Therapy/Maudsley, is the only service that I cannot provide virtually as your sole clinician.

However, if there are no providers in your area that can do Maudsley or perhaps you feel like I would be an awesome fit for your child, than we can work together with your local physician, and hopefully a local dietician, to come up with a plan for comprehensive care.

OF NOTE: Some folks ask, “Why the need for the difference in terminology between therapy and coaching?” I assure you, there won’t be a difference in the services you receive, but because I am only a licensed therapist in the states of Michigan and Colorado, I cannot call our time together ‘therapy’ for clients that live in other states. I hope that makes sense! If you have any questions about this please do mention them on the contact form.