Live Holistically

We are conditioned to love the taste of ice cream, the smell of artisan bread straight out of the oven, the sound of popcorn crackling, and the smell of pizza fresh off the pan. (Mmmm, even the mere thought of such senses makes my mouth water.) Many of us spend eight hours a day inside, perhaps looking at a screen, sometimes never leaving our chairs for more than a moment at lunch.  While enjoying the taste of these foods and soaking up the relaxation of a lazy Sunday are a necessary part of a balanced life, most of us don’t feel so great when the pendulum swings toward one direction or the other: restriction and micro-managing eating and movement OR never moving our bodies and eating fun foods 100% of the time.* 

Let’s work toward finding balance that works for you and your individual lifestyle.

If you find yourself stuck in eating and movement habits that you feel are not serving your overall well-being, or you are feeling an overall lack of luster for life, Lexie is here for you. If your relationship with food feels out of control, and you find yourself bingeing more often than not, there is likely something deeper going on. Let’s make slow and steady changes in your daily routine that assist you in getting back to equilibrium. For some of us this might mean learning to eat throughout the day, rather than having coffee in the morning and nothing else until we come home from work ravenous. For others, it’s learning how to make food fun again- how to find snacks, recipes, and restaurants that work for our lifestyles and make our bodies feel good. Whether we make simple changes like switching the brand of some of the crackers you purchase and commiting to walking 20 minutes a day, or we determine an entire step-by-step lifestyle makeover, I am here to help with whatever you need.

 We are here to educate you on the foods you consume and how they may be impacting your physical and emotional health, but more importantly, to help you process how mentally stuck you are on such foods.

Inevitably, this fixation could be causing an obsession with food, weight, shape or size and together we can begin to peel back the layers and work toward healing.  My goal is to help you acheive flexibility and normalcy around food– to help you reprogram the ideas our society gives us around food and movement.  Together we can work toward not over-thinking food, exercise, or our external appearance.

*Every human being was created to be a unique, worthy individual. Not every human being is dealing with the same medical conditions, life stressors, genetics, injustices, etc. It is vital that we remember this. I ask that when you read the above paragraphs, as well as the rest of my site, you too remember this and remember that your needs may be different than that of your relative, neighbor, partner, or friend. While one person may need to add more movement to their life, another person may need to move significantly less. While one person may need to add more nourishing foods to their diet, another person may need to add more diversity to their diet by way of cookies, cakes, pizza, and bread. We are all in different places with very different stories. These stories make us who we are and who you are is what I hope to help you honor.