Have you ever wanted to tell your friends or family about something really great in your life- something you’ve accomplished, something you noticed about your appearance that day you really loved, a large promotion you received at work- and held back because the first thought that went through your mind was that you would be seen as conceited? Sadly, most of us can agree that more often than not we hold back our biggest joys. It’s as though we treat them like guilty pleasures, like our most embarrassing moments (which, by the way, we should share more often than we do as well) that we try so hard to keep behind closed doors. But what is wrong with relishing in our successes, in our beauty, in our joy? When did our world become a place that we couldn’t celebrate along side one another?

It’s time that we let a little light back in and let ourselves shine that light onto others. You got promoted when several other people didn’t and you feel ashamed to share that with your best friends- SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! clearly your supervisors liked you a lot, why is that such a problem? You put on a new pair of pants for the first time, looked in the mirror and thought, “damn, I look good!” but the minute you get to the restaurant where your co-workers are waiting you put your sweatshirt around your waist because you’re all of a sudden worried they’re going to think they’re too tight and you’re showing off your figure. Hold that jacket and strut your stuff, your body is a wonderland! You make people laugh on a regular basis and realize one day that you really love that part of yourself and want to share your realization with the new guy you’ve been seeing. Right when “ya know, I think I’m pretty funny and I love it,” comes to the tip of your tongue you immediately refrain from saying it because you’re swarmed with thoughts of him thinking ‘well, this chick is full of herself, I’m out.’ Own it girl! You’re funny! You SHOULD love that about you!

Of course we should all be empathetic and kind toward one another, so no, you’re not going to announce that you got that promotion to the entire group of people at work that did not get the promotion, because of course that’s not considering their feelings and the hard work they’ve also put into their jobs. I don’t ever condone being rude, calculated, or manipulative toward another human being. That is most definitely NOT what I am suggesting with this post. I’m simply trying to remind you all that it’s okay to pat yourself on the back every once in a while, heck more than once in a while. It’s okay to be so thrilled with the person you are. If people have a problem with you loving yourself, perhaps shed a bit of joy onto their lives and pay them a compliment, remind them why they’re awesome and tell them to practice what you preach. This isn’t just for you, it’s for them too. Haters gonna hate, but we can still spread the love. #joy