A year in Denver and lots of restaurants later we have compiled a list of our favorites and the go-to dishes at each. Today’s feature- THAI. The noodle-filled goodness of Thai cuisine is a great reminder to honor our taste buds and to once again embrace flavor instead of fat content.

Thai for the win, folks. Can we just talk about how amazing Thai curries are for a second? Sometimes I wish I could have a bowl of curry from one of these spots every meal of every day (but then I would be broke). The warmth, creaminess, subtle spice (I prefer them ordered mild), and the delicious play on textures with warm jasmine rice served along side…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Favorite healthier/quality spot:

Aloy Modern Thai –  $$ – 2134 Larimer Street – Denver

Dish of choice: Panang Curry (ordered extra mild)

They use quality ingredients- local and organic when possible- and you can taste the difference in each bite. Oh, and I could eat their black/purple jasmine rice by itself. For days. For life. Unfortunately this spot is a bit pricier. You’ll walk away with a bill around $32 for two dishes and no appetizers or drinks

Favorite Authentic spots:

US Thai Cafe – $-$$ – 5228 W 25th Ave – Edgewater

Dish(es) of choice:    Basil Fried Rice & Pak US Thai Special

This hole in the wall spot has an hour wait during prime dinner hours for good reason- it’s solid, simply authenticity. The line cooks are all of Eastern descent and passionate about the fresh cuisine they put out. The Pak Special is filled with more vegetables than I ever thought possible that are cooked in a delicious brown sauce #yum

Thai Monkey Club – $$ – 102 S Broadway – Denver

Dish of choice:           Pad Thai Woon Sen

If I’m gonna be fully honest, I would only go back to Thai Monkey for this one dish…but I would go back daily because wow. It’s delicious. My weakness is very thin noodles and that’s exactly what the bean thread noodles, aka glass noodles, in the Woon Sen are- tiny threads of deliciousness. Definitely worth a drive to Broadway if you’re a noodle fan.

I would gladly eat these dishes daily so I highly advise you get out there and try ’em all. #eatthefood